Best Android smartphones 2022 – $200 to $2000 (guide January 2023 update)

All the 2022 models have been released, and there are some gems in our Best Android Phones 2022.

This list is not quite complete. It is for 2022 models (not 2021 runout models) sold by authorised retailers and Telcos. We do not include grey market – Read Don’t buy a grey market phone (guide). Nor do we recommend refurbished phones – read Buying a second-hand or refurbished phone. Bargain or other persons problem.

A few things are clear from Best Android phones 2022  

  • Smartphone supply has suffered from COVID-related shortages and factory labour issues.
  • Many smartphones use whatever components are available. One popular model we reviewed could use any of nearly 30 camera sensors making photography reviews somewhat redundant
  • The overall range was so much less in 2022 this year.
  • And some massive discounts to win market share disappeared in favour of fixed percentage discounts for special event sales like Black Friday.
  • Now that we are at the end of 2022, there will be run-out model sales in Q1 to make way for new models. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series should see heavy discounts to clear stocks for a February launch. Other brands tend to launch new models Mobile World Congress in Barcellona from 27 February — 2 March 2023.

The great Chinese made phone debate

Unnamed Chinese smartphone makers paid certain unspecified IT media to throw mud on the BBK Group – OPPO, Vivo, Realme (and more sub-brands you don’t see here). Outrageous claims of smartphone spying, Australian tax avoidance and dirty deals were spread thick with no regard for the truth. BBK wisely decided not to add oxygen to the fire.

We wrote a factual article Are Chinese-made smartphones spying on me? It shows that apart from some of Samsung’s premium phones, every phone from every brand sold here is made in China. Your real enemy is Apps like TikTok, Facebook, Zoon, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and thousands more that plant cookies and trackers, offering a free service in return for massive data harvesting.


  • Prices are recommended retail (from the JB Hi-Fi website) and exclude any specials or Telco plans. Harvey Norman will price match.
  • Review units were not offered to CyberShack by Nokia or TCL.
  • We do not review Apple products – this is an Android and Windows review site.

Best Android phones 2022 – the year 5G dropped in price to 4G levels

<$200, and most are 4G, Wi-Fi N, and 32GB, no NFC and run 32-bit Android (slower)

Winner: Motorola g22 by a long way for squeezing in 128GB and a quad rear camera.

Don’t forget the Nokia range of feature phones at Harvey Norman, including the classic Nokia 8210 4G and 2660 Flip.

<$300, and all are 4G, Wi-Fi N, 64GB/128GB (we exclude 32GB models)

A very crowded segment and little between them.

Winner: OPPO A16s is the winner with a better warranty, although the OPPO A74 is a strong competitor.

<$400, and we are in 5G territory (you can still use a 4G plan)

 A very crowded segment and little between them.

Winner: The Vivo Y52 is superb value and has everything you need. Runners Up: OPPO A76 5G or Motorola G62 5G are both excellent.


Its neck and neck between OPPO and Moto, but OPPO’s fast charge is very attractive.


OPPO, Samsung and Motorola all have exceptionally strong contenders.

Winner:  If you like a sexy Pantone Very Peri purple, Motorola Edge 30 Neo is it. And it is an Edge series meaning longer operating system upgrades, security patches and a 2-year warranty.


While both are good, the winner by a considerable margin is the Motorola Edge 30 with longer operating system upgrades, security patches and a 2-year warranty.


The best all-around phone is the Samsung A73, which has a good balance of features for the price. Runner-Up is the Pixel 6A, which has a deserved cult following. The OPPO Find X4 Lite was an OPPO Reno8 in disguise with less more features. Great phone but not the class leader.


Winner in this category but, overall, the sweet spot for the Edge 30 series. Read Which Motorola Edge 30 is for you? A detailed comparison of the five models.


By the time you get to this price bracket, there is not much between them. The Motorola Edge 30 Pro is the outright winner, as it has more features, a better warranty, and offers terrific value. Runner Up is the Pixel 7 for its superb computational photography.


While I really like the FE, it is an S21 2021 (the current series is S22) and is a generation behind 2022 tech. Excellent phone and included even though it is 2021.


Winner: Motorola Edge 30 Ultra by a country mile with a Qualcomm SD processor, 200MP camera, excellent warranty and OS/security policy. The OPPO Reno8 Pro is a worthy contender.


The Samsung S22 is pretty well everything you could want in an entry-level flagship, but it was launched last February, and the Google Pixel 7 Pro now out-classes it.


The OPPO FindX5 is almost the same specs as the FindX5 Pro and offers more features than the Samsung.


While we like the Samsung Flip4, it is outclassed by the Motorola Razr at $1599 for the 256GB version. Flip is not for everyone – we think Razr does it better with higher specs, better warranty and extended OS support.


Since no flagship has a microSD, you need to buy as much storage as possible. The Pixel series does not support mountable external USB-C SSD storage, so it is back to the OPPO FindX5 Pro that does.

We really liked the Razr, and it is ahead of Samsung in design, specs, warranty, and has long OS support.


The ASUS ROG 5 is an awesome gamers phone but a little too much for daily use.


The OPPO FindX5 Pro won CyberShack’s best flagship of 2022, outclassing the Samsung S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra in most areas. OPPO Find X5 Pro versus Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. And the smartphone winner is? Like Samsung, S23 to come in February; expect the oppo FindX6 in early-mid 2023, and it will be jam-packed with the latest tech.

Given that it was the winner in 2022 buy this if you can afford it, as you will not be disappointed.


The Samsung S22 Ultra is an exceptional phone with S Pen, IP68, a terrific camera and style. You will be very happy, but the OPPO FindX5 Pro slightly outclasses it on most fronts.




CyberShack’s view – there are some gems in Best Android phones 2022

We will update the list for 2023 as new models arrive. Our database allows us to compare specs and assess the top phones.

At this time, Motorola (owned by Lenovo) has climbed to the class-leading brand with its exceptional Edge 30 series and pretty good G and E-series. It seems to be able to do no wrong with a decent warranty and OS support policy.

OPPO is the best all-around brand for quality, warranty, local support and customer satisfaction. OPPO also owns Realme, and Vivo is another BBK sibling, so they are all pretty good.

Samsung is the safe choice. Although it is outclassed in most categories, you will not regret the purchase of any model.

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