Samsung 2023 TV and Soundbar range – bigger is better (AV)

The Samsung 2023 TV and Soundbar range are now in stores, and its strongest message is to go big. Of course, that means spending more.

It says that 40% of TV sales are 75” or more, and buyers should measure their TV space accordingly. In fact, a 75” 4K TV is best viewed from about 3.2 metres (a 55” is 2.4m). The massive 85” is best at 3.66m. It is about the eye’s natural field of view and the 4K pixel density. Interestingly an 8K, 85” TV can be viewed even closer at 1.6m as the pixels are smaller.

Why Samsung?

You have many TV brands to choose from, but the top-tier consumer TVs are Samsung and LG. They both have OLED, Mini-Led and traditional back-or-edge-lit LED/LCD TVs covering the value, lifestyle, and premium range.

Samsung sells more TVs – it claims to be the global #1 brand for 17 years, so it must be doing something right.

The critical difference is that Samsung supports HDR10+ (Samsung-developed royalty-free High Dynamic Range image), and LG supports the more universally accepted Dolby Vision. You won’t notice the difference for free-to-air viewing and most HDR/HDR10 streaming. It all comes down to content availability – movies on Blu-ray and streaming services, and Dolby Vision is the clear winner here. HDR10+ is a deal breaker for videophiles and console gamers as Dolby Vision is downmixed to the very much inferior HDR10.

Samsung also has its SmartThings ecosystem, and using the TV can control the Smarthome. This is mainly Samsung smart devices but its ongoing support for Matter (read Does it Matter? Not with new smart home compatibility standards) could see it become more brand agnostic.

Samsung 2023 TV range (All 2023 TVs have the letter ‘C’ in the model number)

Quantum Dot OLED

Samsung calls this OLED+, but that is half the story. It uses a Blue OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) backplane to excite a Quantum Dot RGB layer to produce colours. Read The difference between OLED and QD OLED TV explained (guide). OLED is best suited for ambient light-controlled environments.

S95C QD-OLED+ 55/65/77” $4,649/5799/9299

Despite the Samsung/LG OLED technical differences, it produces a colourful, bright HDR10+ image. It has the company’s best technology, including a 20% brighter screen, a better sound system and the One Connect box (all connections are in an external box).

S90C QD-OLED 55/65/77” $3829/4999/7899

It is not rated OLED+, and the key differences are above.

4 and 8K Mini-LED Neo QLED

It uses a mini-LED backlight and Quantum Dot (QLED) LED/LCD TV technology. It has the brightest screen suitable for bright Aussie lounge rooms.

Features a premium sound system, Pantone-validated colours and skin tones, and scene-by-scene High Dynamic Range (HDR10) with new Auto HDR Remastering of SDR content. They feature anti-glare and wide viewing angle technology.

  • 8K QN900C 65/75/85” $7549/9879/12699
  • 4K QN90C  43/50/55/65/75/85” $2319/2899/3489/4649/6159/7899
  • 4K QN85C 55/65/75/85” $3149/4079/5199/6999


These use Edge-or-backlit LEDs to excite a Quantum Dot colour layer in a traditional LED/LCD TV.

  • 4K Q70C 55/65/75/85” $2099/2679/3499/5249
  • 4K Q60C 55/65/75/85” $1729/2189/2889/4619

The Frame 32” $799

New for 2023 is the 32” Edge-lit QLED TV with an anti-glare, matte screen for more realistic art mode images. It has a range of edge strips (frames) to match the décor.

Samsung Q-symphony soundbars

When matched to a recent Samsung Q-symphony compatible TV, they use both the TV and soundbar speaker for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. Most feature Space Fit auto sound calibration, AirPlay 2, Alexa, NFC Tap and Play, and work with the Samsung TV remote control.

  • Q990C  11.1.4 – 4.0.2 rear speakers included $1999
  • Q930C  9.1.4 – 2.0.2 rear speakers included $1499
  • Q800C  5.1.2 – All-in-one virtual Dolby Atmos $1099
  • Q700C  3.1.2 – All-in-one virtual Dolby Atmos $899
  • Q600C  3.1.2 – All-in-one virtual Dolby Atmos $799

CyberShack’s view – Samsung 2023 TV and Soundbar range – bigger range, bigger screens

Unfortunately, we were not offered any Samsung TVs or soundbars to review in 2021 or 2022 (partly COVID-related), so we cannot comment on them. We hope to review several 2023 models.

From our perspective, the ‘proof of the pudding is in the eating’. Samsung remains a popular choice largely due to its brand credibility, vast model range, and retailer omnipresence. You need to decide if the image quality and features are what you want and drive the best bargain you can.

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