Arlo Xmas Sale – 20% discount so you can have a merry and safe Christmas

From 12 to 24 December, the Arlo Xmas sale sees 20% slashed off its prices for nearly everything. And it is throwing in up to $150 cash back for Arlo Ultra 2 and Pro 4 camera sets.

The Christmas sale includes accessories, so it is a great time to get those solar panels that eliminate battery charging. Or pick up spare batteries and the extended battery XL housing for Ultra and Pro cameras. Details here.

We covered the Cash-back promotion, and that makes for doubly good value.

 Arlo Xmas sale – get in for great gear

The gear is well-made, excellent quality, and is snoop-proof. That means its Privacy as a Pledge means something.

In essence, it states

  • Your personal data belongs to you alone
  • It is not monetised
  • You control your data
  • It supports privacy legislation
  • Storage is safe and secure and subject to Australian laws
  • Security is a culture, and cybersecurity is a focus

I asked Arlo why it had taken such a brilliant but financially risky step. The response was that as it is a paid service, it can afford to do the right thing. Free or freemium services cannot.

Arlo Range

Although we wrote this about a year ago, it is still relevant – Arlo is for every home and budget – the camera system explained.