Hobot S6 Pro: The Ultimate Glass Cleaning Robot (cleaning)

The Hobot S6 Pro scrubs glass 600 times a minute with its dual reciprocating pads to dislodge dust and grime from glass. Combined with powerful water jets, build up on your glass is eliminated with a streak free finish.

This model is one of the fastest on the market – it’s able to clean a one square metre surface in just over two and a half minutes. Using caterpillar belts and sophisticated window mapping, the S6 Pro gets the job done quickly and thoroughly.

Using specialised cleaning cloth pads, the robot reduces static electricity meaning you get a longer lasting clean. Once you finish cleaning with the S6 Pro, maintaining it is easy because the pads are machine washable

The S6 Pro makes it simple to take care of all sorts of glass. It also includes windows, mirrors, shower screens, pool fencing, tiles, and more. It’s compatible with glass of any thickness and surface texture.

Safety is important with window cleaning robots, and the S6 Pro has several fail-safes. Its included safety rope prevents the robot from falling. While the embedded uninterruptible power supply can keep the robot stuck to the window for up to 20 minutes in the case of a power outage, notifying you via the app and sounding an alarm.

Overall, the S6 Pro offers superior cleaning performance with intelligent features that allow it to deliver a thorough, lasting clean. Find out more about it on Robot My Life’s website.

S6 pro offers powerful scrubbing capabilities, lightning-fast cleaning speed, and intelligent safety features. Say goodbye to streaks and grime and hello to sparkling clean windows, mirrors, and more. Discover the future of glass cleaning on Robot My Life’s website today.

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