LG 2024 OLED TVs (AV)

LG 2024 OLED TVs have long been one of the premium options on the market. This year’s models have improved brightness and also benefit from new image processors that take every detail to the next level.


The OLED B4 is LG’s first OLED series, but this year it’s had a bump in brightness.

The new a8 AI Processor 4K, enables top-notch picture processing and upscaling – plus Dolby Vision and Atmos . It’s very well equipped for movies, but gamers will love how the B4 shows blur-free graphics with a 1 milliscond pixel response.

The LG B4 features LG OLED Care that integrates panel settings to ensure your TV lasts as long as possible. These settings protect the colours of your TV in the every time you finish watching.

All these features make the OLED B4 an excellent entry into OLED technology that can breathe new life into your favourite content.


The C4 is going to be LGs most popular TV series – and it’s first with OLED evo . OLED Evo models combine LGs brightest OLED panels and LGs most powerful Alpha processors. 

This year, the C4 gets an extra boost with the Brightness Booster, with 22% higher brightness than the B4 series. Picture looks bright, colourful and very clear – certainly impressive!

Powered by the a9 AI Processor 4K Gen 7, the C4 can continually optimise both image and sound to perfectly suit your viewing area and deliver the best experience possible.

All C4 models benefit from an ultra-slim design that provides distraction-free viewing with minimal bezels.


LG’s OLED G4 models represent the upper end of LG’s OLED technology, taking every feature to the maximum level. The a11 AI Processor 4K is a series upgrade from the Alpha 9 – with four times the AI power.

The G4’s Brightness Booster Max technology is combined with a unique micro-lens array this year to produce up to 150% higher peak brightness than comparable models, allowing it to easily compete with nearby ambient light.

If you’re looking for the best in LG OLED performance, look no further than the OLED G4.

LG 2024 TV Range – bigger, brighter, and better (AV)