Samsung Bespoke Jet 2022 vacuum cleaner – a clean sweep (review)

The Samsung Bespoke Jet 2022 vacuum cleaner comprises a powerful 210W (maximum) suction vacuum with a cleaning station and many accessories. It is the top-of-the-line in Samsung’s cleaning arsenal.

There are five SKUs (bundles) in the Samsung Bespoke Jet 2022 range, along with Woody Green, Midnight Blue, and Misty White cleaning stations.

They are all the same Bespoke Jet 2022 vacuum body with a powered Jet Dual brush (soft or hard floor), Pet Tool, Combination tool, Extension crevice tool and flexible tool.

  • Elite Extra $1399 adds Slim Action brush (hard floor), Spray Spinning power mop, extra battery
  • Pro Extra $1299 has a Spray Spinning power mop, extra battery
  • Complete extra $1299 has a Slim Action brush (hard floor), extra battery
  • Pet Extra $1199 no extra tools, extra battery
  • Pet $1099 no extra tools

The Samsung Bespoke 2022 range is different to the 90 (200W), 70 (150W), and 60 (150W) ranges, where you can get a clean station for $100 more (special Samsung online-only offer at purchase time to 31 December 2022).

Do you need a cleaning station?

While it is handy (OK, lazy), you are using an extra disposable dust bag ($29 for five), and you need to find a place for it.

Frankly, it does not alter the Jet’s performance, and you may be better off with the Jet 90 Complete ($899) or the Pro ($999) with a mop head. These come with a smaller charger stand and one battery, which may be a moot point. Shop around.

Samsung Bespoke Jet 2022 vacuum cleaner

WebsiteProduct range and Bespoke site  
ManualManual PDF
PriceSee above – from $1099 to $1399
FromSamsung Online, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Good Guys, Bing Lee,
Warranty12-months ACL
CompanySamsung is a South Korean multinational manufacturing conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea. Samsung Electronics (the world’s largest information technology company, consumer electronics maker and chipmaker.
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Note we use Fail (below expectations), Pass (meets expectations) and Exceed (above expectations) against most headings below.

First impression – Big box – Exceed

It has an interesting look – cylindrical in midnight blue – but it and the separate caddy (that you need to charge the second battery and for tool storage) take up a lot of space and two power points. Frankly, the caddy is messy.

It is well made, but the design means you need access from both sides (dustbin on one and vacuum on the other), so you can’t hide it in a corner.

Do you have a place for it?

It is not really for public display, as marketing material indicates. You might want to read our guide on Smart homes need an intelligent design – more power and better connectivity and see if you have an out of the way nook or cupboard with 2 x 240V power (cleaning station and caddy take up a lot of room)

In the box – different tools

Our test unit was the Elite Extra with the works.

It has

  • Bespoke Jet vacuum
  • Extendable wand 525-665mm (handy so you don’t have to stoop)
  • Dual-brush powered (205mm clean) with a soft front roller and a bristle power roller for soft floors (works well on hard floors too). Take care on long shag pile or feature carpets as it may jam
  • Slim Action Brush powered (205mm clean) for hard floors only (microfibre roller)
  • Spray Spinning sweeper powered with manual spray (press + to spray)
  • Pet Tool powered (100mm) suitable for hair removal and in cars
  • Flexible tool gives a 90° curve suitable for limited hand-held use but not long enough
  • Combination dust tool
  • Crevice tool
  • two2 batteries
  • Accessory cradle/caddy
  • Clean station
  • three3 dust bags
  • Pair reusable mop pads
  • Pair single-use use wet pads

Use cases

In theory, each battery has 60 minutes of use. In practice, that is about 20-25 minutes on the mid setting. The mop will last up to 100 minutes as it is just powering the head, not the vacuum. Caveat #1 is that your house doesn’t need more time.

The suction power on mid is fine for hard floors, but you will need to go to Max or Jet on mid-to-high pile, which reduces battery life to a few minutes. Caveat #2 if you have a lot of carpet, then you may run out of power, and charging takes 3.5 hours (or buy a third battery)

It is quite light

  • Body 1.5kg
  • Extendable wand 400g
  • Dual roll head 900g
  • Mop head 1.53kg

It is comfortable in hand and does not place too much downwards pressure on the wrist. It uses a power button instead of a trigger, so it is easy to use for arthritis sufferers. It is easy to manoeuvre.

The Mop head is the heaviest and has a little torque steer.

As a handheld, it needs a flexible extension hose tube attachment (not available) and brushes for proper dusting and in-car use.

Detritus/Cleaning efficiency – Pass (mid) to Exceed (Jet)

We vacuum four times over four weeks. Our standard testbed is a 300m2 three-bedroom home comprising 20% long and dense shag pile carpet, 40% bamboo hardwood floor, 30% sisal ribbed carpet and 10% ceramic tiled bathrooms.

Our standard test mix is 100g each of rice, Uncle Toby Cheerios*, sand, fines/hair. The percentage below is recovery weight.

* Cheerios are a round Lifesaver sized breakfast cereal. They tend to push aside as the powered cleaning heads are quite flush to the surface. We repeated the test with rolled oats (flatter), and the figures below reflect no Cheerio use.

ModeShag pile
Dual Bristle
Low pile sisal carpet
Dual Bristle
Slim action
Slim action

It removes hair and fines completely – just remember to clean the head. It has excellent edge cleaning, and a low-profile head fits under most cupboard overhangs.

Our only issue is that it does not have an automatic power level adjustment like the Dyson V15 Detect. The Dyson is superior on carpets and has better battery life.

The Spray Spinning sweeper mop head – Pass (barely)

A major issue is that the water spray requires manual activation by pressing the + power button. You cannot vacuum and mop at the same time (normal).

  • It has a pair of washable, round soft microfibre frilly edge pads
  • Wet the pads, wring out excess water, and place/centre on the Velcro mop head rotating disks
  • Fill the water container with water – it takes 180ml and appears quite drip-proof, and it is enough for 150m2.
  • Adjust the telescopic wand to avoid stooping

The mop is better than ‘maintenance’ level with a few caveats:

  • You must vacuum first, or the rotating pads could pick up detritus and scratch the floors. If you hear a sound like grit scratching, stop immediately and clean the pads
  • Make sure that the floor surface can stand up to wet mopping
  • Rinse and clean the mop pads every 20m2, or you will just be rotating dirty water
  • It has one speed and won’t remove heavy stains like dried milk or coffee
  • Don’t use any liquid cleaners in the tank – only water – as it voids the mop’s warranty
  • The mop will likely leave a narrow gap between the rotating pads, so vary the strokes to cover this

It comes with a pair of 150mm, (washable multi-use wet pads) for $25 and a couple of single-use wet pads – both attach via Velcro.

Our biggest gripe is the lack of automatic spray, let alone adjustable spray durations. The LG CordZero A9 mop attachment does a better job all around.

Battery life and charging – Pass

It has two 25.2V/2.2A/55W batteries – one charges in the vacuum while on the cleaning base and the other in the accessory caddy. Advertised run-time is up to 60 minutes per battery, but that is on minimum setting without power tools. The approximate remaining life shows on the readout screen, and it is telling to swap power levels from mid to max to Jet.

With a power head on the mid setting, we got 25-minutes on average. Samsung publish this table in the manual, which is kind of useless as you read it after you bought it.

Charging time (approx.)3.5 hours
Combination Tool/Extension Crevice Tool

60 min [MIN] / 30 min [MID] 10 min [MAX] / 3 min [JET]
Jet Dual Brush powered42 min [MIN] / 24 min. [MID] 14 min [MAX] / 8 min [JET]
Slim Action Brush powered50 min [MIN] / 25 min [MID] 15 min [MAX] / 9 min [JET]
Wet Brush powered100 min

Noise – Pass

  • Min 75dB
  • Mid 80dB
  • Max 85dB
  • Jet 87dB and a higher pitch
  • Clean station 72dB

Maintenance and spares (not all on the Samsung website) – Pass

While you probably don’t need to do this after every use, performance decreased markedly over four house cleans. Our advice is that this needs thorough cleaning to maintain that. Some parts need at least 24-hours drying time

  • Dustbin – detach and wash
  • Cyclone – ditto
  • Micro Filter (basket shape) – wash
  • HEPA filter (around motor built into motor cowling) – wash
  • Dual Brush floorhead – push button to remove brush – do not wash
  • Slim action brush – removable – do not wash
  • Mop pads – hand wash every 20m2 and occasional wash in the washing machine
  • Cleaning station – pre-motor filter below dust bag – and fine dust filter (dock won’t work without a bin bag, but you can still manually empty the vacuum)

Samsung needs to be upfront on replacement costs and expect life. It is not in the manual either.

Power use – Pass

It can consume up to 1300W when emptying. Otherwise, when charging, it (and the accessory caddy) ambles along at 80W and idle at <1W—negligible power use.

Missing – Some fails

  • Longer flexible hose for handheld use (not an option, so it limits handheld use)
  • Automatic spraying (to me, this is a deal-breaker)
  • Intelligent suction adjustment
  • More upfront information on consumable cost and replacement times


Dyson does not have a clean station. The Dyson V15 Detect (Dyson V15 Detect vacuum – sees dust you can’t (review) is a technological marvel with a laser head to see the dust on hard floors, a colour screen to show the types and quantity of detritus and more tech that sent a man to the moon. It provides superior battery life and cleaning due to its automatic suction level adjustment and the laser head. The V15 Detect is $1499/1549 for the vacuum and accessories.

LG also has a cleaning station range LG CordZero A9 with an all-in-one Tower (review). It has a similar cleaning ability, but longer battery life, and the mop has an automatic spray for a more consistent result. Its All-in-one tower models are $1579/1919 but shop around as you will find them for considerably less.

CyberShack’s view – Samsung Bespoke Jet 2022 vacuum cleaner is a premium product and easy to use

I have decided that a cleaning station for a stick (or robot) vac is not a necessity. It is very easy to empty the detritus into a waste bin. It also reminds you of the need to keep the vacuum part clean – it is all too easy to forget this with a station.

The Samsung Bespoke Jet 2022 is a well-made product, does a great job cleaning, and you will be happy with the purchase.

Samsung Bespoke Jet 2022 range

From $1099 to $1399







Ease of use





  • Mid power (default) is all you need most of the time Good cleaning performance on all surfaces
  • The mop is fine if you clean the pads every 20m2
  • Swappable batteries
  • Washable filters but ongoing maintenance costs are not easily identifiable


  • Both powered heads won’t pick up larger Cheerio’s (Rice Bubbles max)
  • Needs thorough and regular Cleaning to ensure efficiency
  • Handheld use requires a flexible extension tube (not an option)
  • Mop spray is manual – too easy to forget
  • Adds another disposable bag to the rubbish stream

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