Intelli ScoutPro 240W power bank – charge your smartphone five times (review)

The Intelli ScoutPro 240W power bank has two USB-C PD/PPS 100W ports, a USB-A (up to 22.5W), Apple MagSafe wireless 15W and Apple Watch wireless 2.5W charger.

Now, I got excited as the review offer appeared for the OLED screen version, and we received the LCD version. The difference is only in the readout – LCD tells you the percentage capacity left. The OLED version tells you the time left at present use rates, and it is the one you want.

It uses five Panasonic, next-generation, high-efficiency Lithium Graphene composite 21700 batteries to output 88.8Wh (watts for an hour). The batteries have 2000+ recharge cycles – that is superb.

This bank supports Apple iPhone Fast Charge and Watch and a USB-A port for Huawei Supercharge, Oppo, Vivo, realme Super VOOC, and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. Note that some fast charge brands require their proprietary cable or it will charge at 5V/3A/15W.

MagSafe works with Apple iPhone 12 or 13 or any Qi charge Android device to 15W.

Intelli ScoutPro 240W power bank

WebsiteOLED version or LED version
PriceRRP US$329.99, but Indiegogo has it for US$179
FromIntelli online
WarrantyLifetime (not sure of the definition, but at least five years for the batteries)
Country of originChina
CompanyIntelli – purveyors of clean, premium, intelligent products that simplify and add value to our everyday ‘tech’ lives.
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First impression – solid and reliable

Nice presentation in a semi hard-sided zip-up case and comes with an Intelli USB 4.0 100W charge cable. As I said earlier, get the OLED version – it does the same as the LED with some more readout functionality.

Ports – charge five devices at once

1 – USB-C PD 3.0 (power delivery) and PPS (programmable power supply) 5V/3A/15W, 9V/3A/27W, 15V/3A/45W and 20V/5A/100W

2 – Same

3 – USB-A 5V/4.5A/22.5W (SVOOC for OPPO, vivo, realme), 9V/2A/18W (QC 3.0), 12V/1.5A/18W FCP (Fast Charge Huawei), 10V/4A/40W (SCP is 2 x 5V/4A/20W Super Charge Huawei) and these require special cables

4 – Magsafe Wireless for iPhone 5V/1.5A/7W, 9V/1.66A/15W

5 – Qi for iWatch 5V/.5A/2.5W


It does not come with a GaN (Gallium Nitride) charger as, at present, the Scout Charge does not have RCM C-Tick approval for Australia (not to be confused with CE certification). No device that connects to mains power is legal without RCM C-tick certification and voids home and contents insurance if it is the cause of the fire.

While there may be more brands, the only recommended certified is the ALOGIC Rapid Power 4 Port 100W GaN Wall Charger w/ 100W USB-C Charging Cable at $129.

USB-A to USB-C cables only supports a maximum of 15W. You need a 100W rated cable – read USB and Thunderbolt cables made easy and if in doubt, use a Zeus-X Pro or Thunderbolt/USB 4 cable.

A full charge, 0-100% of the Intelli ScoutPro, takes about one hour – fast.

The combined output is limited to 200W, so yes, it can charge five things at once – as long as two of those don’t draw the full 100W.

And with the suitable USB-C adapter pack its compatible with almost any barrel plug style charger

Charge tests

  • Via Port 1 or 2, charges a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 0-100% in about 1 hour and 30 minutes and uses 20% of its capacity. That is excellent and efficient.
  • Surface Pro 8 0-100% 65W and able to charge twice.
  • Via Port 3, it charged an OPPO Find X3 Pro in 65 minutes (22.5W but the OPPO will take up to 45W for 35-minute charging)

MagSafe or Qi

  • iPhone – 15W (Fast Charge)
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 10W
  • OPPO Find X3 Pro 10W

Pass through

You can use this as a pass-through charger, meaning it is like an uninterruptible power supply. This could be good to keep critical USB devices active in a power outage.


It is 153 x 84 x 29mm x 590g plus cables. It is Air Safe for carry-on baggage as it is below 100W. If in doubt, contact the airline.


The MagSafe and QI pads have all the usual safety features like foreign object detection and intelligent charging. The power bank has temperature monitoring, Automatic Charger Protection, Input Over-Voltage Protection

Cybershack view – Graphene battery technology meets high tech charging

The Intelli ScoutPro 240W power bank is one of the new bred of Graphene battery power banks with an incredible 2000+ battery charge cycles and MagSafe/Qi charging. It is expensive compared to a cheap, dumb, Lithium-ion power bank (with 200 charge cycles), but its flexibility and PD, PPS, QC, OPPO, Apple and more charger support is worth it.

Ironically we have just reviewed Chargeasap Flash Pro 210W power bank and while they are slightly different you would be happy with either. It is hard to beat the Intelli ScoutPro lifetime warranty.

US$329.99 but on Indiegogo for US$179







Ease of Use





  • 20,000 battery charge cycles – it will outlast you
  • Multi-brand fast charge
  • Charge up to five devices to 200W
  • Fast power bank recharge


  • Prefer the OLED screen model
  • Needs a 100W GaN charger (not supplied) at over $100

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