Chargeasap Flash Pro 210W power bank will fill a MacBook Pro (review)

The Chargeasap Flash Pro 210W power bank joins the ranks of high capacity Panasonic Graphene battery power banks that can fill a 100W MacBook Pro or typical smartphone five or more times.

We have been testing the new Flash Pro from Aussie company Chargeasap, and we are impressed. It is slightly different from some of its competitors, with a nominal capacity of 25000mAh and 92.5Wh (watts sustained for an hour).

For starters, it has five separate charge circuits – USB-C PD x 100W, USB-C x 60W, USB-C x 20W and USB-A 50W (2x25W) supporting OPPO, vivo, realme and Huawei fast charging. These ports also support Apple Fast Charge 18W. The Qi pas is 15W for top-up charging.

 We tested the Fash Pro for Android – there is also an Apple Specific version that adds Watch charging.

Chargeasap Flash Pro 210W power bank for Android (Flash Pro + for Apple)

Indiegogo page
PriceUS$299 inc local AU shipping (Indiegogo campaign from US$122 until sold out)
Warranty2-year with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee
CompanyChargeasap (Est 2016) is a consumer electronics start-up from Sydney.
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First impression

All high-capacity Graphene banks are big, and this is about average. It is because they house four or five Panasonic 21700 batteries (21mm diameter and 70mm cylinder) and the charge circuits.

I like the aluminium casing – a no-nonsense approach, and the OLED readout is convenient to tell what each device volts/amps/watts are.


1 – 100W 5-20V/3A and 20V/5A/100W

2 – 20W 5V/3A, 9V/2.22A, 12V/1.67A and PPSD 20W 20W

3 – 60W 5-20V/3A PPS 60W

4 – 50W using OPPO, vivo, realme and Huawei device-specific cables; otherwise, 5V/3A

Qi – 15W


You can order a 200W (2 x 100) Chargeasap Omega for US$149 and charge the power bank at 100W. As far as we can ascertain, the AU plug model (you must specify this at order) is RCM C-tick certified for use here.

While there may be more brands, the only recommended certified is the ALOGIC Rapid Power 4 Port 100W GaN Wall Charger w/ 100W USB-C Charging Cable at $129.

USB-A to USB-C cables only supports a maximum of 15W. You need a 100W rated cable – read USB, and Thunderbolt cables made easy and if in doubt, use a Zeus-X Pro or Thunderbolt/USB 4 cable.

A full charge, 0-100% of the Chargeasap Flash Pro, takes about one hour and ten minutes – fast.

The combined output is limited to 190W, so yes, it can charge five things at once.

Tests – Exceed

  • 100W. Our test device is a Surface Pro 8 50W, and it took 1.5 hours and used 50% of the power bank
  • 60W – as above and on a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, it took 18W and could charge the battery five times
  • 20W – it’s a full PD/PPS implementation, so it is perfect for charging low wattage devices.
  • USB-A – This is a two-channel charger that uses special USB-A to USB-C cables that come with OPPO, vivo, realme etc. We tested with the OPPO Find X3 Pro, and it filled in 40 minutes (35-minutes with the genuine 45W charger).
  • Wireless charge 15W. A Samsung Galaxy S21 initially started at 3.75V/4A/15W and, as the device filled it, stepped down. It is as fast as any 15W Qi charger.

Pass through – use it a UPS

You can use this as a pass-through charger, meaning it is like an uninterruptible power supply. This could be good to keep critical USB devices active in a power outage.

Travel safe

It is 151 x 82 x 27mm x 500g plus cables. It is Air Safe for carry-on baggage as it is below 100W. If in doubt, contact the airline.


The MagSafe and QI pads have all the usual safety features like foreign object detection and intelligent charging. The power bank has temperature monitoring, Automatic Charger Protection, Input Over-Voltage Protection

Cybershack view – Chargeasap Flash Pro 210W power bank – terrific high capacity graphene charge option

Ironically we also just reviewed the Intelli Scout Pro 240W, and it is very similar – it uses five Panasonic batteries for 20% more capacity and has MagSafe.

Either is excellent and both support at least one 100W port. This is a power bank that will save you so much time for charging multiple devices.

Chargeasap Flash Pro 210W power bank

US$299 but on special from US$122







Ease of Use





  • Five charge circuits for 245W total (190W if using all charging ports).
  • OLED readout is convenient
  • Panasonic Graphene batteries have 20000 charge cycles


  • 2-year warranty is too short
  • You need an expensive 100W GaN charger and cables

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