Want an .AU domain? Better hurry for this digital gold rush

The .AU domain will soon be available without the .com/org/id/asn/gov before it opening up millions of yourname.au domains.

While it is great news that may allow you to snag your distinct domain name, cybercriminals and cybersquatters are already scheming to hijack popular brands by registering a similar name, e.g., Woolworths.au (the name for illustration only).

Naturally, they will try, but auDA has some safeguards to protect established brands. Existing domain names will have the first right to protect their names. More about the Priority Allocation Process for .au direct is here. Of course, that means an extra name to pay for too.

It also gives existing domain owners the chance to wrest back similar ‘trading off’ names that others may have opportunistically set up, for example, WoolworthsAustralia.com.au. It also gives you the opportunity to select a shorter, easier to remember name than jonestheplumbersydney.com.au.

You don’t need to do anything but update the DNS server with the new name for those with websites – your website will work on both the old and new names.

The new auDirect service starts 24 March 2022, and existing registrants will have the first opportunity to apply. Read this. But know that if you don’t act yourname.au will be available to the public from 20 September 2022.

And another note – it is urgent to update your WHOIS entry to allow auDA to communicate with you. Contact your domain name registrar.

CyberShack view – about time we had .AU domain

It brings us into line with international peers including New Zealand (.nz), the United Kingdom (.uk), New Zealand (.nz), Canada (.ca), France (.fr), China (.cn) and Germany (.de).

Existing name holders have protection if they act fast! But it begs the question, what if someone applies for a .com.au name similar to a .au name?

If you don’t act, you could soon find someone else using your .au name, which is bad for business.

You don’t have to change your existing address – it will still work.


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