Out with the old and in with the new: Reasons to upgrade your TV


Most people wait until their old TV is unusable before looking to upgrade to one of the latest products on the market. But that isn’t always the smartest move. From incredible leaps in image quality, through to smart TV capabilities and enhanced customisability, there are a lot of features and developments you miss out on while you wait to upgrade your device.

Content at your fingertips
4K streaming is now the norm. From Netflix to Stan, various platforms are introducing 4K content, and without 4K capabilities your older television won’t be able to keep up with the steady roll out of content. Only a select few of the latest models on the market allow you to take full advantage of the superior visuals and versatility of this high-quality 4K content, such as the latest devices in the Hisense ULED range.

Style, size and seamless integration
Necessities in viewing experience have developed far beyond just a larger TV, also encompassing the need for a sleek and stunning frame, impeccable image quality, an easy-to-use operating system and stylish design that fits perfectly in your household. Size used to be the factor that would make or break TV purchases, but now it’s all about the quality of the image and the colour behind it all.

A viewing experience like no other
One of the most exciting technologies offered by new TVs is Quantum Dot Colour technology. It delivers incredible colour accuracy showing stunning true-to-life imagery, producing accurate depth of colour and brightness while maintaining superior black levels . It can display over one billion colours with pin-point precision, giving you the ability to experience true-to-life colour and action whether you’re watching a movie, watching the Grand Prix or playing video games.

Where you may have previously worried about missing a beat in your old TV due to lack of clarity, Dolby Vision HDR in Hisense’s 2019 ULED range ensures content is portrayed as accurately as possible, allowing you to see finer details that may have previously been hidden in dark or bright areas in full detail. Together with Ultra Local Dimming, your new TV will allow you to see every delicate detail and highly nuanced expression.

With 2019 models set to hit shelves in the next few months, now is the perfect time to start thinking about upgrading your TV. You can get bigger televisions than ever before with the extra features to give you a high-quality, seamless viewing experience.

What to do with your old TV
There are various options there for you when you’re looking to dispose of your old tv – don’t just throw it in the trash or to the curb. Many of the main retailers, like Harvey Norman, have a recycling scheme which means they’ll correctly recycle your old TV for you. Also, some charities will accept TV donations to resell and pass onto shelters, or you can take your old TV to a drop off point around the country that will recycle your old TV for you – head to recyclingnearyou.com.au to find out your closest location.

Find out more detail on Hisense’s 2019 ULED range unveiled at CES 2019, here: https://cybershack.com.au/cybershack/hisense-announce-new-2019-uled-tv-range-for-australia/

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