Hisense Laser TV

Imagine having a 100-inch 4K screen on any wall in your house. No intrusive installation required, no protrusion or any mounts to see – just a sleek, picture-perfect screen with incredible colour and amazing quality. Hisense’s Laser TV technology brings all this to the table and more.

I was lucky enough to experience Hisense’s latest and greatest Laser TV at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas, and was amazed at just how incredible this TV technology is, particularly for anyone wanting a GIANT screen for their living room or home cinema.

When you think of a laser TV their mind immediately jumps to the old-school projector set up, which requires a dark room along with endless cables and equipment. But with cutting edge technology, Hisense’s Laser TVs are ready to take on your living room, giving you the ability to see your walls in a whole new light.

A 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Dual Colour Laser TV, the Series L is due to launch in Australia later this year and comes with a thin and lightweight screen that is anti-reflective to external light sources, meaning the display can suit an array of home theatre setups with an eye-friendly viewing distance of just 4 metres.

Bringing your home theatre to the next level, the Hisense Series L offers true-to-life images, thanks to Hisense’s proprietary X-Fusion Laser Light Engine which combines two independent lasers to accurately display a wide array of vibrant colours.

HDR10 technology gives sharper display that’ll bring scenes to life with striking clarity, whilst MEMC Technology with its microsecond processor response rate provides fluid motion in fast-moving images for picture-perfect viewing.

To top it all off, the TV comes with JBL Cinema sound with wireless subwoofer, a TV tuner (so you don’t miss out on your reality TV shows), and is jam-packed with apps to give you the best entertainment experience possible.

If you’re in the market for a TV that’ll really impress your guests, this is a showstopper.

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