Norton Cyber Safety Report 2024: AI in Online Dating (safety)

In the world of online dating, Australians are increasingly drawn to using artificial intelligence (AI) to amp up their romantic game. According to a recent survey by Norton, over half (58%) of Aussie online daters reckon AI could be handy as their dating coach. This finding is part of the 2024 Norton Cyber Safety Insights Report – Special Release: Online Dating. The report digs into how Aussies roll when it comes to virtual romance.

The report shows that Australians splash out a fair chunk of time and cash on online dating. Averaging nine hours a week and $170 over their dating life on apps and services. With such an investment, many are keen to tap into AI for a leg up in the online dating scene. Among those currently using dating apps or services, most are keen on AI’s help for tasks like crafting pick-up lines (64%), sorting out dating profiles (59%), and jazzing up photos (53%).

More facts about Australians Online Dating

But while the buzz is around AI making dating easier, Australians need to be mindful of the lurking threat of romance scams. Norton’s data reveals that almost a third (27%) of Aussie dating app users have been targeted by scams. Almost 40% of which, those falling victim. Plus, a quarter (25%) have encountered catfishing, where people pretend to be someone they’re not online.

Mark Gorrie, Managing Director APAC for Norton, points out the two sides of AI in online dating. He said, “While AI can offer guidance and convenience, it also introduces new risks.” He warns against the rising sophistication of romance scams fuelled by AI. Urging users to stay alert for signs like avoiding video calls or rushing the relationship.

The report also dishes out some interesting tidbits about online dating habits. Like the fact that one in five (20%) Aussie online daters fib about their age. Despite platforms like Tinder and Bumble being seen as the safest by users, others like Telegram raise concerns, with only 42% of Australians thinking it’s safe.

To tackle the challenges of online dating safety, Norton offers solutions like Norton Genie, a free AI-powered scam detection app. By giving users the tools to spot dodgy activity, Norton aims to make digital dating safer.

How Norton can help?

Norton helps people leverage AI and digital safety tools to navigate the online dating world safely. With products like Norton Genie, a free AI-powered scam detection app. Norton Genie can review suspicious texts, emails or web links. Such as those that direct people to fake dating sites or website links from prospective partners and confirm if it’s malicious. Learn more about the Norton Genie – a free and easy way to help identify cyberscams.

As Australians navigate the twists and turns of online romance, staying clued up on Cyber Safety is key. The 2024 Norton Cyber Safety Insights Report serves as a handy guide for understanding the ins and outs of online dating. Equipping individuals with the know-how to protect themselves against emerging threats.

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