Norton Genie – a free and easy way to help identify cyberscams

Norton Genie is an AI-powered scam detector that is free and easy to use. With over 3.4 billion email scams daily, it may save your bacon (or plant substitute).

It is in its early access stage – beta. Norton Genie learns from every scam submitted. Over time it develops increasing certainty about the content, offerings, email inks and more. It even tells you why it thinks the email, website, or social media posts are a scam.

How to use Norton Genie

You do not need to be a Norton user, although the full version will be incorporated into its Antivirus/malware offerings.

At present, there is an iOS V14.0 or later app only (Android coming) and support for Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

The easiest way is to submit a screenshot or text online. For privacy reasons, you cannot yet upload an email.

Remember that it is in Beta. In our tests, it did not identify any images of scam emails but did identify the same three tests when uploaded as Text.

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