Dyson Demo Store Sydney CBD – nerds on hand to explain its superior tech

The new Dyson Demo Store Sydney CBD has a full complement of nerds (sorry, Dyson experts) to help explain Dyson’s superior tech on hair-care, vacuuming, task lighting and air purification. Will it be a deciding factor in purchasing a Dyson?

The new store, resplendent with its black and white fit-out, is at 285 George Street. It is a few doors down from Wynyard Light Rail stop before you get to Margaret Street. It is open from 10 AM to 6 PM daily. You can walk in without an appointment or make an appointment for some free specialist services.

It is a perfect place for clean freaks to visit. There you can see a potpourri of fine particles to Uncle Toby’s breakfast ‘cheerios’ vacuumed up. You must ask for the bed bug demonstration (anti-tangle conical brush). You will never view mattresses the same way after that.

If you are interested in hair, Dyson experts can analyse your hair (Hair Science) under an electronic microscope. They can advise whether you have heat or other hair damage. And if you could benefit from a Dyson Supersonic, AirWap or Corrale Straightener.

On the air purification front is the range of air treatment devices that can remove airborne gasses and odours. The new model removes Formaldehyde  – a modern world problem.

And my favourite is the Dyson Lightcycle smart task light. You can’t possibly appreciate it until you see it in action.

The store also offers free personalisation and gift wrapping. All Dyson products come with a two-year warranty.

Why a Dyson Demo store Sydney CBD?

Dyson operates more than 300 Demo stores globally. Its first Australian Demo Store/Service Centre is at Level 1/16B, Hills Super Centre, 16-18 Victoria Avenue, Castle Hill, NSW 2154. It is the first of many around Australia.

It found that potential customers wanted expert explanations and advice before buying a premium product. With all the science behind Dyson’s 125,000RPM Hyperdymium motor (most vacuums have <4000 RMP); or its advanced power management and battery cells; the incredible use of the Coandă effect for air movement; and use of highly sophisticated electronics to monitor it all; many buyers still did not know how the tech would work for them.

Regrettably, many of Dyson’s authorised retailers don’t have the staff or time to explain this. Management hopes that once potential customers see the tech behind the product, they will pop back to their retailer of choice.

Only a Dyson works like a Dyson

For example, a typical stick vacuum has an on/off switch – that’s it. Dyson has auto-suction, battery management, particle counters, and battery management – not forgetting a laser-guided motorised brush and HEPA filters in its V15 Detect that make cleaning far more efficient.

So, if you wish to invest in a Dyson home, at least you can understand the tech that makes Dyson different.


In-store measures include:

  • Social distancing measures across the store
  • Hygiene products such as hand sanitisers and wipes
  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces
  • Dyson Experts and customers wear masks at all times
  • Thorough cleaning of all machines on display after demonstration
  • Regular risk assessments and Dyson expert training in health measures

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