Apple iPhone 6-series is now ‘vintage’ – no more support millions of phones

It is no surprise that Apple iPhone 6-series is now ‘vintage’ – it simply means relegation to the growing list of products sold 5- or more years ago that it is not liable for repairs, parts, software upgrades or support.

This is not Apple bashing – 5+ years is a very long time and probably only matched by Windows 10 support for third-party PCs made back in 2010. But there are some other consequences.

First, the next oldest iPhone series drops off the iOS update list each year. The iPhone 6 series and SE are stuck on iOS 13 when we are now up to iOS 15. These phones are the prime targets for cyberattacks. The next for the chopping block is the iPhone 7 series.

Second, inclusion on the vintage list annihilates any resale value. Where the iPhone 6-series had some resale value, you can forget that now. And forget the refurbished market too – the 6-series that is still selling these for $150-200 – tell ‘em they’re dreaming! There is no way the battery has more than a few usable hours left. A generic replacement kit for DYI is about $50, and most mall kiosks charge $100.

Finally, repairs become subject to finding parts – Apple does not keep the inventory anymore.

Apple’s vintage list also includes obsolete Mac, iPod, iPad, Beats and Watch.

 Cybershack view – Apple iPhone 6-series is now ‘vintage’

At least Apple has a defined end of life.

There is a real storm brewing over the right to repair and forced obsolesce. While placing a phone on the vintage or obsolete list does not stop it from working, it means these are prime targets for cyber attacks that know its security is only patched to an older version of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, etc.

Our advice is that if you buy second-hand or refurbished, look at models no more than three years old. At least the battery will still be relatively good, software and firmware updates will still happen, and there is some residual value for a second-hand sale.

And please read our advice – Don’t buy a grey market phone, especially a vintage one.