YouTube to sell music & games

YouTube is set to be more than just video with the announcement that Google will start selling music & games through their YouTube service.

You love YouTube. Face it, you do. There’s a reason why it’s the third highest visited site on the web (as of time of writing): it’s because you and everybody loves it.

But YouTube is more than just you on the tube. It’s more than kids acting like brats, a guy advertising free hugs, and the occasional game review from the CyberShack team.

No, YouTube is also about music and games. Or it is now, anyway.

Google – the people who own YouTube – have announced today that they’ll start to sell games and music through their service.

The system will work sort of like Google Adwords in that, say you’re watching a video of someone like Robin Williams showing off Spore before release, now there’ll be a link to buy “Spore” connecting you to Amazon.

Source: Reuters (UK)