Touchscreen Mac made by fan not Apple

So many want it and Apple keep denying it but one fan has just made himself a Macbook with a touch-screen.

There are many people with Macs. You might have a Mac, I’ve got family with Macs. But for those of us who want smaller Macs without the cost applied by our gracious fruitilicious friends Apple, there are other ways people can go about getting a Mac.

A couple of months ago, I showed how the fantastic MSI Wind netbook could run Mac OS and I’ve been loving it ever since it got installed on there. I use my Macbook Wind (what I’m calling it) on the way to & from work all the time and it seems to function better than Windows ever did.

But now someone has bested my Macbook Wind by taking a touchscreen netbook made by Gigabyte and turning it into the one thing everyone wants Apple to do: a touchscreen Macbook.

Similar to Axiotron’s Modbook – a Macbook repurposed as a touchscreen Apple laptop – the Gigabyte hack takes the same sort of modification many of us with Netbooks have been doing to get our computers Mac-ified but because it has a touchscreen, becomes the touch-sensitive Macbook many of us are hoping Apple will make.

This comes on the heels of an expected Apple announcement in mid-to-late October. For those keeping tabs, this will be the third consecutive announcement for Apple and we’re all expecting new laptops because they’re definitely up for it and they’ve got this new “Brick” manufacturing process to tell us all about.

Source: SlashGear