Car that flies on the market next year

The Terrafugia Transition flying car is set to hit the market next year – and yes, it really can fly.

Terrafugia are set to finish building the first Transition – a small aeroplane that can you can drive on the road.

Termed a “roadable aircraft”, the Transition will set you back US $194,000. Popular Science have described the Transition as “a single-engine, rear-propeller aeroplane that just happens to be street-legal”.

It’ll run on gasoline, fly over 740 kilometres and will drive like a normal car in any weather. There’s fold up wings and a tail in the back. Terrafugia co-founder Carl Dietrich says “there are only about seven days a year where it wouldn’t be safe to take on the road.”

The Transition is set for a test flight next year.

Sources: Popular Science, Gizmodo