Vodafone Bring Prepaid to Broadband

Vodafone is offering a prepaid service for its mobile broadband

Vodafone’s new prepaid mobile broadband packages range from $19 for 500MB through to $49 for 3GB of data.

There is also a prepaid mobile broadband starter pack comprising of a slimline internet stick with pre-installed software, SIM card and 500MB data allowance for $149.

Vodafone is offering customers who connect before June 30, a 2GB data allowance (normally 500MB data allowance) when they purchase a Prepaid Mobile Broadband Starter pack.

Helen Tuffy, Head of Consumer Data, Vodafone Australia said Vodafone’s Prepaid Mobile Broadband service is the perfect solution for customers wanting to reap the rewards of prepaid services and high-speed wireless internet.

“Vodafone’s Prepaid Mobile Broadband service is stress-free connectivity. Users will have complete control over how much money they spend with the benefits of ‘plug and play’ mobile internet.

“Customers will also be able to push their dollars even further with Vodafone’s Prepaid Mobile Broadband. When customers recharge within 30-days, up to 5GB of unused data will be rolled over into the next month, “added Tuffy.

Recharging your account is can be done with a credit card either online at www.vodafone.com.au or at a Vodafone store. Users who recharge online with a credit card will receive an additional 10 per cent bonus data.