The Original Ultimate Best-Seller Goes Portable

Myst — the game that sold 12 million copies before The Sims came around — is heading to the Nintendo DS.

Back when PC gaming started to get interesting, there was an early adventure loaded with puzzles and video sequences and a very thick & developed story called Myst. It was so favoured by the people that it sold more than 12 million copies worldwide and since its release, The Sims has been the only game to ever break its record.

A lot of gamers have never played Myst and now they’ll get the chance to play a revised edition of it when Midway is set to release Myst for the Nintendo DS in November. That’s a European release date mind you, but Australia usually isn’t far behind the European dates.

New features of the game are set to include new sounds and visuals. The game is set to be rewritten to run on the DS and will contain extra content that the original did not.

Certainly if you’ve never played this game, it’s worth seeing what many people saw in it when it sold millions of copies all those years ago and created a legacy of games that are still being released and played online.