More Games Heading To The Silver Screen

Are you ready to see your own superheroes made into a movie? City Of Heroes is set to head that way.

Lately, one of the biggest fads in Hollywood history is to tap the video game market and make movies out of everyone’s favourite games. This of course leads to games being made from them and so forth and so forth, but in the end, we still get some decent popcorn entertainment.

And even with Uwe Boll squeezing the life out of some of the world’s favourite titles like Far Cry, Postal, and Alone In The Dark, a lot of us are still interested in heading to that big screen at the local movie complex to see how our favourite games play out.

With Prince of Persia heading down the Jerry Bruckheimer production road (Jerry Bruckheimer brought you Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Rock, Con-Air, and CSI on TV just to name a few), there is now word that Tom DeSanto, producer of the Transformers movie, has bought to rights to the MMORPG ‘City Of Heroes’.

Variety, America’s entertainment news scribe, reports today that DeSanto has plans to “adapt the massively multiplayer online role-playing game into a live action feature”. DeStando — who was also executive producer on the first two X-Men movies — has said that if successful, a TV show based on the same game will follow.

City Of Heroes is a subscription based be-your-own-superhero game: you join up and create a superhero to protect the world against evil villains and madmen. There is also a City Of Villains expansion to the games where you get to create a super-villain.

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