A New SimCity Is On Its Way

Are you a fan of Maxis & EA’s SimCity series? Well there’s a new one heading your way… but it’s not by Maxis.

Electronic Arts have today confirmed that there’s going to be a new SimCity game coming out, but this time the original Sim-development house Maxis will not be making it. With Maxis busy on what’s expected to be the massive game Spore as well as future Sims games, development of the new SimCity game has been given to Tilted Mill. The new game —
SimCity Societies — is the first new title in the SimCity line-up in over four years.

Tilted Mill previously developed games like Children Of The Nile and Caesar IV, both of which are empire building games very much in the tradition of games like Pharoah and the Caesar series that Sierra released between 1993 and 1998.

While Titled Mill’s president Chris Beatrice has said that SimCity Societies will be different from past SimCity games, he hasn’t said how.

Electronic Arts have however been quoted as saying that SimCity Societies will “take the franchise back to its roots, and create an accessible, flexible game that will continue to appeal to avid SimCity fans, as well as attract new players to the franchise.”