Swiss Say Bye-Bye To Street View

Switzerland, long known for its secrecy surrounding its financial institutions, is now championing its citizens rights to privacy

Having already battled Greek authorities over privacy issues – and lost – Google’s Street View service is now in the cross hairs of Swiss authorities due to privacy issues.

The Swiss federal data protection and information commissioner Hans-Peter Thur, says that Google must remove the service immediately because it does not ‘blur faces and license plates’ sufficiently.

Rather than take the Swiss government head on (which could result in years of litigation), Google has meet with Thur’s underlings to try and sort the problem out.

European law is a lot more stringent that US law, and the company has also had problems in the UK, and as far afield as Japan. While the service does have a lot of benefits, the devil seems to be in the detail – something Google will have to address as the service becomes more popular.