Sony slashes PS3 price to remain competitive

Sony says it will cut the price of its much-anticipated PlayStation 3 video game console in Japan by 20 per cent, trying to remain competitive in the next-generation console war with Microsoft and Nintendo.

Before all the Sony fans get excited, there’s been no mention the final pricing for the Australian region and the price drop only applies to the 20GB model; the larger 60GB model will NOT feature the price cut.

PlayStation fans in Australia have already been disappointed this past month with news emerging that the PS3 is delayed for all PAL teritories till March 2007. But is this latest news good or bad for Australian gamers? You be the judge…

Sony will cut the price of its basic PlayStation 3 model in Japan to 47,600 yen ($US410), from an originally planned 59,800 yen ($US515).

That puts the PlayStation 3 in the same range as the combined basic Xbox 360 and HD DVD player in Japan, where the duo will sell for 49,600 yen ($US427).

The price cut affects the basic PlayStation 3 model, which comes with a 20 gigabyte hard drive. Another larger version of the PlayStation 3 will have a 60 gigabyte hard drive, but Sony is leaving its pricing to retailers.

Source: SMH

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