GameSphere ’06 coming soon!

CyberShack’s annual gaming event, GameSphere, is back again for another year, bigger and better than ever.

If you’ve never been to a LAN gaming event before, it is defintely worth checking out. As professional gaming becomes more mainstream, more and more events like this will be popping up in the future.

If you’d like to find out more information, follow the link below.

As quoted from the official press release-

Cyber Shack is holding its annual gaming event ‘GameSphere 06’ on Saturday October 7th, 2006. The event is now in its second year and will be held in Sydney. GameSphere 06 is a free video gaming event that is being sponsored by AMD, Gigabyte, ATI, Western Digital and LG. Other sponsors of the event are Creative, Antec and Corsair.

This year the event includes the Grand Final of the national online Cyber Slam Prey tournament, an Xbox 360 tournament, and showcases of new release games such as Dark Messiah: Might & Magic by Ubisoft. CyberShack TV will also be coming along to film the event for Channel TEN. A cash prize of $20K plus various other prizes will be given away on the day to all those who attend the event.

“Last year the event drew hundreds of visitors and gamers on the day, with all attendees receiving sample bags, lucky door promotions and the opportunity to watch a host of great gamers play against each other,” says Managing Director of CBN Media, Charlie Brown. “This year we hope to make this event even better.”

For more information, please go to Gamesphere ’06