Apples responds to iTunes7 issues

More than a week after the release of iTunes 7, Apple has started to address the problems reported by hundreds of users.

Problems such as audio distortion and song skipping were just some of the complaints streaming into Apple discussion boards following the 12 September release of the latest version of the music- and video-playing software.

Under the “hot topics” section of Apple’s iTunes service and support page, the computer maker is offering suggestions to people experiencing playback performance troubles, installer crashes, problems launching the software and more. Apple posted the pages on Wednesday.

People who upgraded to iTunes 7, which Apple had crowed was the “most significant enhancement” since the software’s 2001 debut, reported sound distortion, songs skipping, 3-second delays in playing tunes and lost tracks. In addition, some users reported they were unable to download songs from the iTunes store, and could only get audio during video playback.


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