Orb Music Player Debuts

  • Play music anywhere in the house wirelessly
  • Controlled by iPhone, Android, iPad
  • Use multiple units within the home

The Orb Music Player is controlled by an iPhone or Android smartphone, as well as by an iPad or iPod Touch.

It is claimed to be the only music system that lets you listen to consolidated collections of your music, including iTunes, your MP3 library and a wide variety of Internet radio music in multiple rooms in your home.

You no longer have to be restricted to listening to your library of music on your PC or iPod. Whether it's iTunes, MP3's or internet radio the Orb Music Player puts you in control of your music, giving you easy access to all of your favourites. 

Simply select the music you want to listen to on your smartphone and then choose any home stereo for instant playback.  With the smartphone as a remote control, you can pause, playback, change the volume, or skip around your playlist. Everyone in your home can have their own Orb-enabled smartphone remote to manage, play and share their personal music collections.

To set up the player you download the free Orb Caster software to your PC or Mac. Then you plug the Orb music player (a compact, hockey-puck sized disk) into any home stereo. And finally, download the free Orb controller app from iTunes to your smartphone, iPad or iPod Touch.