Optus Launches 3G Home Zone

  • Connects up to four users at home
  • Add or remove friends
  • A dedicated in-home mobile network

Australia’s first commercially available Femtocell device for consumers has arrived with the launch of Optus 3G Home Zone.

Optus 3G Home Zone is said to be a new and simple way for consumers and small business customers who want an alternative voice solution for the home or small office.

The Optus 3G Home Zone is a small device that customers can self-install, by plugging it into their existing fixed broadband internet service. Once connected, the Home Zone unit provides Optus customers who use mobile phones, smartphones, tablet PCs and mobile broadband devices in the home or small business office with access to their own private and dedicated in-home mobile network.

“Increasingly customers are abandoning their fixed line in favour of mobile plans which offer …value,” says Gavin Williams, Optus Consumer Marketing Director. “Australia’s first commercial Femtocell pilot will provide valuable feedback from our customers on the multiple benefits of this technology. The device will be initially available in selected Optus stores in Sydney, Brisbane, Wollongong and the Gold Coast.”

Optus 3G Home Zone will allow four simultaneous users to make and receive calls and access 3G data services like email, internet browsing and social networking sites within a 30 metre radius of the Home Zone unit. The Optus 3G Home Zone can be activated through an online portal where customers can add and remove friends, family and colleagues to ensure everyone has a secure and dedicated signal within the home or small office environment.