Mitsubishi Home Theatre Projector – At A Price

  • Full stereoscopic 3D support
  • Lamp life of 4000 hours
  • Crosstalk reduced to minimum

Mitsubishi Electric’s projector brings the ability to watch big-screen 3D movies into the living room, but at just under $10,000 the HC9000D won’t be on everybody’s shopping list.

It is the first in the company’s line-up to utilise SXRD panel technology, and features full 1080P high-definition resolution with stereoscopic 3D support and excellent image reproduction.

Using SXRD panel technology, the HC9000D is able to generate 240 frames per second (120 frames each for the left and right eye) to reproduce 3D motion. At twice the speed of traditional frame sequencing it ensures that image crosstalk is reduced to a minimum, for 3D images with good clarity and detail.

The optimised structure of the SXRD panels provides a narrower gap between pixels (0.2µm). This minimises the “screen door” effect caused by space between pixels, for overall smoother image reproduction, claims Mitsubishi. SXRD panels are only half the thickness of conventional liquid-crystal panels, giving the HC9000D a rapid response time of 2ms, delivering fast moving images with minimal motion blur. The HC9000D also uses separate reflective liquid-crystal panel for each of the primary colours (red, green and blue). The light from each panel is then merged at the optical block and projected, resulting in the reproduction of natural colours with good pixel alignment.

The HC9000D comes equipped with the latest high performance Reon-VX video processor with HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) technology. This processor provides high performance video scaling, which guarantees good pixel conversion when images are being converted from 720x480p to 1920x1080p, as well as 14-bit digital gamma correction. This enables the projector to reproduce subtleties in dark images. A newly developed optical compensator reduces light lost during image processing. Used in combination with the SXRD panels, the optical compensator has allowed us to achieve contrast ratios up to 150,000:1.

Other features of the HC9000D include a 1.8x powered focus and zoom lens, a motorised lens shift for easy horizontal and vertical adjustment, individual colour management for primary (RGB) and secondary (CMY) colours and a built-in cinema filter function for the expansion of the colour spectrum levels (particularly green and cyan). The projector has two HDMI v1.4 input terminals, a centre lens design for simplified screen orientation and anamorphic lens compatibility for widening the range of cinema-scope images.

The projector features a lamp life of up to 4000-hours, a screen trigger terminal and comes with an illuminated remote control, the 3D emitter and four pairs of active shutter 3D glasses.