EyePet Returns to PS3With Friend

  • Designed for Move Controller
  • EyePets can play together
  • Visit creativity centre to make toys/outfits

Sony has announced the release of EyePet and Friends, the sequel to the 2009 game, EyePet, which allows the virtual friend to come alive in your living room using the PS3, the PlayStation Move motion controller, the PlayStation Eye camera… and you. 

In this brand new escapade you can now raise two pets at the same time for double the trouble.

Using two PlayStation Move motion controllers and the PlayStation Eye Camera, two EyePets can share your living space and play together and with each player on the same screen for all the family to enjoy.

Using their PlayStation Move controllers, kids will be responsible for nurturing, training and playing with their pets to keep them happy and healthy. With EyePet and Friends, everyday is full of fun, children can dress, groom, and love their pets, customise their toys and watch them play together.  Kids and EyePets can interact together in a variety of ways from stroking and tickling them with their hands to selecting toys and games for their pets with the PlayStation Move motion controller.  Watch the two EyePets have a shower or play with toys – all brought to life with PlayStation Move. 

You can get creative with the EyePet by visiting the Creativity Centre where you can make tons of new toys, funky outfits and customise just about anything in the game.

Making life great for your pets is not only rewarding but also earns rewards. EyePets are always keen to get online and show-off their achievements with their friends in the all new, EyePet online community.