Gates Goes Nuclear

Bill Gates believes mini nuclear reactors could be the key to sustainable power.

Japanese business publication the Nikkei Daily is reporting that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is in talks with CE giant Toshiba, about developing mini nuclear reactors called TWR’s (travelling wave reactors), which proponents claim can run for up to 100 years.
It is thought it will take up to 10 years to develop the mini reactors, with Gates kicking in several billion dollars of his own.

It is thought that these units will be aimed at emerging markets, with depleted uranium being used to power the unit, which wouldn’t put them on the scale of current reactors.

While there are critics of nuclear power and the pitfalls that are possible using it, it is seen as more of a clean fuel than traditional carbon-based fuels, which are said to be responsible for greenhouse gases.

There is still some R&D to go before these reactors become viable, but like anything involving Bill Gates, it’s a case of watch this space.