More Monitors From ViewSonic

Deeper blacks are on offer with ViewSonic’s new LED monitors.

ViewSonic new LED monitor range is claimed to be environmentally friendly by consuming less energy without compromising viewing quality.

Providing DCR at 10,000,000:1 for true-to-life picture depth and clarity, the 19-inch VX1932’s WLED backlight technology automatically detects image signal and intelligently controls backlight brightness – as a result the VX1932wm-LED widescreen display makes the black bolder in a dark scene and the white purer in a bright environment.

Gray levels automatically adjust to enhance the display’s gray level performance range. Sheer picture perfect quality eliminates image distortion by maintaining correct image proportions for both widescreen and native 4:3 content. What’s more, the VX1932wm-LED uses 50 percent less power without forgoing quality, producing greater detail and definition to images and in keeping with green technology, it boasts an eco-friendly and mercury-free WLED backlight.

VX1932 $249