Compact Camera With DSLR Features

Samsung claims its new camera has the features of a DSLR, but in the body of a compact.

Samsung’s new offering in the digital camera space is claimed to have the capabilities of a DSLR camera in the compact frame.

In a DSLR, it is the large sensor that delivers its trademark high quality, but the use of a series of mirrors in the camera’s design means the end result is bulky. With the NX10, Samsung has removed the need for mirrors, while still integrating the APS-C size sensor, leaving a camera that is portable, high in quality and lightweight enough to take travelling or pop in your handbag.

The Samsung NX10 contains a range of intelligent features to put professional quality images within reach of the amateur photographer. Elements include in-depth manual controls and a Smart Auto function, which automatically detects the surrounding environment of the shot and selects the right shoot-mode. There is also the Smart Range feature which enables the user to vividly express both bright areas and dark areas in the same frame, while the Supersonic Dust Reduction system keeps dust particles clear of the image sensor.

Samsung has included a large 3.0-inch AMOLED (active matrix organic light-emitting diode) screen. AMOLED provides easier viewing, even in bright sunshine and at acute viewing angles, meaning users no longer need to shield their screen with their hand to view images or shots being lined up. It even senses when the user brings the camera close to their face to look through the viewfinder, and puts the AMOLED screen on standby to conserve power.

In addition, the potential to change lenses, typically a DSLR only feature, means that the NX-10 can deliver the best results in any environment. The original line up of Pancake, Standard Zoom and Tele Zoom lenses launched with the Samsung NX10 during CES will be complemented by the introduction of a further five new lenses this year. This will mean that there will be a total of eight potential lenses designed for the Samsung NX camera system available.

The lenses have each been designed to ensure users get the most out of their photography experience. The Tele Zoom Lens, Standard Zoom Lens, and the Pancake Lens were developed for consumers wanting lenses which are small and convenient to carry, yet still stylish and iconic. For those looking for specific qualities to their shots, be it capturing with a certain focus or depth of perspective, Samsung has released the Tele Zoom Lens and is soon to release the Macro Lens with lots more to come. And for people looking for all-round quality and durability in a multi-purpose lens which can perform faultlessly in a number of functions, there is the Super Zoom Lens. 

But the Samsung NX10 isn’t just about capturing still images. When finished taking photos, users can continue to tell their stories in video format with high definition movie recording that uses H.264 codec for easy transfer and viewing capability.

$899 with the pancake lens (30mm)
$849 with the 18-55mm lens

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