Freelancer Arrives Downunder

  • 1.8 million professionals signed up
  • Most projects are under $200
  • Claims more traffic than Seek, eBay and Carsales, claimed to be the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace, is now open for business in Australia. has gone live, and connects Australian small businesses and consumers to what is said to be the world's biggest online workforce.
Through, Australian small businesses can outsource just about any project they can think of- whether it be web design, marketing, accounting, finance or software engineering. Posting a project takes seconds, and within minutes freelancers from around the world start bidding. The average project is under $200, and starts at $30.

"Our global business is actually wholly Australian owned, yet to-date we've had very little exposure in Australia.,” said CEO said Matt Barrie. “The little known secret is that we're one of Australia's biggest websites globally.  According to Alexa, we rank 378th globally, with more traffic than, SEEK, Carsales and With unemployment in Australia at near historic lows of 5.1%, we provide the workforce that Australia desperately needs to power into the digital economy. With the Australian dollar at all time highs, enables this at incredibly low prices.”

Recent projects includes design of a website for an advertising agency (28 bids, $217 average), an iPhone app (10 bids, $225 average), and CAD design of a fully functional dune buggy (36 bids, $268 average).