10 Free Funky iPad Apps

By Branko Miletic

Having the latest mobile device is one thing- but having the best apps on that device is another. There is a train of thought out in geek-land that the device is not so important anymore – it’s all about apps. But sometimes it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chafe, and some really cool apps get lost in the avalanche of new add-ons that are being launched on a daily basis. So we have decided to showcase some of those funky apps that you might have missed – and what’s more, they’re free!

1.  Yahoo! Sportacular
So you love your sport—or all sport for that matter and want the score or stats for any game in any sport on the planet? Then you definitely need Sportacular.  From football, to baseball, to cricket, Sportacular has all the major sports results – it’s a one-stop shop for ardent sports fans.

2. Air Video
If you want the best solution for streaming media from desktop to your iPad, then you’d be hard-pressed to beat Air Video. You install the Air Video Server, then enter the IP address of the desktop into the app, and finally follow the prompts – you now have a mobile media server. 

3. Evernote
Evernote is still one of the popular note-taking services for both the iPhone and iPad.  However with the iPad, the app displays your notes in a big and easy to read format.  So now typing, saving and viewing saved Evernotes on the iPad’s big screen makes them much more usable and legible than they are on an iPhone.

4. Sketchbook Pro
For those that like their art or just like to draw, sketch or doodle, Sketchbook Pro is a great little app that provides 75 brush sizes, a layer editor and a symmetrical drawing tool, into an intuitive interface. For a free app, it is a great little device that can see you whiling away

5. Pandora
Pumping up the jam or just listening to your favourite radio station is as easy as pie with Pandora. I love how you can use it from any device you own and it’s consistently the same. Pandora allows you to pick any musical artist and then it will play songs from that artist along with others songs that are similar.  Pandora allows you to discover new music as well as enjoying the music you already know and love.

6. Discover
If you like Wikipedia, then you will love Discover. Discover is a completely new way to explore the information behemoth that is Wikipedia, inviting you to sit back, relax, and expand your knowledge. I would be surprised that after using Discover, you will find looking for information a delightful experience and one that doesn't feel like you're actually reading an encyclopaedia.

7. Dropbox
With so many digital devices in use at any one time, sharing those important files or documents can become a chore. Not so with Dropbox, which lets you share your files with any user and computer that are online.Accessing your files is no longer a hassle and you don’t even have to worry about running out of precious storage space.

8. Gist
So you and your friends and associates have a heap of online professional contact sites as well as a number social networking one’s. But how do you keep track of all this information? By using Gist of course. Gist coagulates a full view of the contacts in your network by creating rich profiles that include the most news, status updates and all other work details of the list.

9. Webex
Want to host an online meeting? Then you need Webex, and you don't need to have a Webex account to attend a meeting. The Webex app from Cisco allows you to view documents, applications, or remote desktops and also includes simultaneous two-way audio so you can join in the conversation. It’s like Skype for the business person.

10. Houzz
Renovating your home? Building a new home or do you just need some modern interior design ideas? Look no further than Houzz. With over 40,000 photos and 50,000 ideas books, Houzz has the largest database of home design ideas on the net. You can browse the photos by style, room or even location and save them to a virtual ideas book.