Bieber’s Facebook Account Deleted

By Mike Wheeler

We wish it were true. Unfortunately, the Canadian pop sensation with the squeaky voice hasn’t been booted by Zuckerberg and Co, it’s a Florida namesake, who is calling foul.

Florida’s Justin Bieber is 35 years old, has a voice that could crack window panes, and looks nothing like the Ontario-raised pipsqueak who was discovered via YouTube.

It seems somebody thought the Florida iteration was faking the name in order to get in contact with legions of teenage girls who were attracted to the 16 year old singer. A complaint was made to Facebook, and the account was deleted. However, it seems Facebook has got it wrong, and the dude just had your average, normal account, but a far from average, normal name.

But it seems that is only the tip of the iceberg for the now Face(book)less Bieber. It seems he gets a tonne of fan mail, has had to put the phone is his wife’s name (but still gets 50 calls a day asking about the ‘other’ Bieber), and gets messages from wannabe musos telling him that they are keen to work with him.

However, there is an upside, according to the Florida Justin – people now know how to pronounce his name.