Dyson is reportedly working on an electric car

British vacuum manufacturer Dyson might be building an electric car according to a leaked government document found by The Guardian.

The move would put Dyson among the non-automobile focused companies who are reportedly building electric vehicles including Google and Apple. Dyson has strayed from vacuum cleaners in the past, building other products such as fans and hand dryers, as well as investing heavily in future technology.

Batteries are prevalent in many of Dyson’s products, including the Eye 360 robotic vacuum and handheld cleaners like the Dyson V6, and advanced motors are featured in almost all of their vacuums. With technology like this in Dyson’s portfolio, it’s certainly not unimaginable that they would expand their horizons into the automotive industry.

This news comes off the heels of a report that Dyson will invest GBP£1 billion into battery research over the next 5 years, as well as a recent USD$90 million acquisition of Michigan based solid-state battery company Sakti3.