Perch allows you to use any Android device as an IP camera

A new app called Perch allows you to use any Android device or laptop as an internet-connected camera.

After downloading the app, simply set up the device to view what you’d like to monitor, hit record and you’re done. Using another smartphone or computer, you can then view the camera feed from anywhere.

Perch provides a great use for any old Android smartphones you might have laying around the house to set up a surveillance system. The app can also be used to connect to smart home systems including SmartThings or Wink, providing you with a motion-activated switch.

Currently, 7 days of cloud based video storage is available to Perch users.

To get the most out of Perch, you might need a small tripod or other mounting system for your phone as well as a long power cable.

While Perch is only available for Android right now, iOS support is planned along with smart TV integration and traditional security cameras.

Perch is a free app in open beta available from Google Play here. The Perch website offers more information.

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