CES 2015: Hovertrax is the coolest device with two wheels since the Segway

Hovertrax is a personal, electric transportation device not too dissimilar to a Segway. Built from two independent, self-balancing halves equipped with gyro sensors and accelerometers, the Hovertrax is controlled by leaning – no hands required. Subtle motions are enough to travel forward or backwards, turn left or right, or rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Hovertrax can travel at roughly 8 kilometres per hour, and its battery is good for approximately 13 kilometres; this provides around an hour and a half of travel time. Travelling backwards on the board will recharge the battery at almost the same rate. Alternatively, plugging Hovertrax into the wall will charge it in 45 minutes. 

A Hovertrax representative said that the device is predominantly intended for indoor use, or on smooth surfaces outside. While there are potential commercial applications for Hovertrax, such as usage within warehouses, the representative said it was predominantly designed as recreational gadget.

Originally funded through a Kickstarter project in July 2013, finalised Hovertrax units shipped out to backers last December. Units are now available to purchase for USD$995.

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