CES 2015: Sennheiser cuts the cord on its Momentum headphones

Sennheiser today announced the 2.0 version of its premium Momentum headphones. The headphones now feature Bluetooth connectivity for wireless listening, always-on noise cancelling, larger ear cups, softer materials and a folding design.

Sennheiser claims that the wireless Momentum headphones have a 22 hour battery life. After the battery drains, it's still possible to listen to music through the Momentum headphones using an included cable.

A Sennheiser representative confirmed that the new Momentum makes use of the same electronics featured in the older version, but said that the larger ear cups mean the sound may be perceived as slightly bassier.

The headphone manufacture will continue to offer a wired version of the Momentum headphones, featuring the version 2.0 design.

Both the new wireless and wired Momentum headphones will be available in Australia by the end this year's first quarter. The wireless Momentum will retail for AUD$799.95 and wired Momentum will cost AUD$499.95. Sennheiser will also release an update wireless and wired version of its Momentum On-Ear headphones, for AUD$649.95 and AUD$349.95 respectively.

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