Samsung Bespoke Jet stick vacuum cleaner takes out the trash (cleaning)

The Samsung Bespoke Jet is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner with an Integrated Clean and Charge Station. It is available for pre-order now and shipping in early March.

Now, if the thought of vacuuming leaves you cold, the Samsung Bespoke Jet has 210W of suction power (Max mode, of course) and up to 120 minutes runtime (minimum power mode, of course). Its five-layer filter system traps 99.99% of dust larger than .5um.

The Integrated clean station keeps dust out of the air too. The 500ml dustbin and final filter are washable, and the Cleaning station has replaceable dust bags.

While it has up to 210W suction power that will drain battery quicksmart. Fortunately, it has two removable batteries so you can clean and charge. The Clean Station takes 3.5 hours per battery for 60 minutes runtime. The LED readout reveals time left and charge status. Batteries have a 500 cycle charge over nine years each at one charge a week.

Samsung has reduced the weight to 2.7kg inc most cleaning accessories, making it easy to handle and manoeuvre. The body alone is 1.44kg.

Samsung Bespoke Jet brushes include (varies for each model)

  • Motorised Dual Brush (soft roller and nylon/rubber bristles)
  • Motorised Pet Tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Combo brush/duster
  • Flexible arm
  • Motorised mop head with 150ml water tank and reusable microfibre pads
  • 525 to 665 height adjustable wand

Power-wise it consumes 1300W during charging (a 240V power point provides 2400W), so it costs about $2.28 for two batteries to charge.

All these wonderful devices have special power and space needs. Our guide Smart homes need a smart design – more power and better connectivity may help determine where to put your smart devices.

Samsung Bespoke JetModel CodePrice – free freight and 60-day money-back trial
Elite Extra includes four tools + Spinning Sweeper & 2 Brushes Website

Complete Extra includes 4 tools + Jet Dual & Slim Action Brushes WebsiteVS20A95943B$1299
Pro Extra includes 4 tools + Spinning Sweeper & Jet Dual BrushVS20A95973B$1299