Safeguard Your Online Identity with Norton 360 Platinum (safety)

Norton 360 Platinum (details here) is a comprehensive security product that helps protect your data and personal information. Covering a wide variety of online threats from malware to scams.

Norton’s multi-factor security helps protect your devices from viruses and malware. As well as defending your personal online information like social media accounts and passwords from dodgy links and phishing scams.

Norton’s social media monitoring helps protect against account takeover as well as identifying risky links before they have a chance to do damage. Norton 360 Platinum monitors your accounts across a range of popular websites and notifies you of any suspicious activity.

In combination with dark web monitoring, Norton helps to inform you if your personal information might be exposed from a data breach so you can take action quickly.

Should you fall victim to a risky link or scam that involves identity theft, Norton’s expert identity restoration specialists are available to advise and guide you on what to do to resolve the situation.

Norton Genie is an all-new product from Norton that leverages AI to identify scams as they happen. You can upload texts, emails, or web addresses to Genie and it will detect whether you should avoid that link. Best of all, Norton Genie is free to use.

Norton 360 Platinum offers a complete package to help protect your valuable data against the latest online threats. To find out more, check out Norton at Harvey Norman and save yourself from that next scam link