Samsung SmartThings Ecosystem aims Seamless Connectivity (AV)

Samsung SmartThings represents a seamless connected ecosystem designed to simplify interaction with your compatible smart devices. From setting the ambience with smart lights and speakers to monitoring visitors at your doorstep, SmartThings offers a comprehensive solution for a connected lifestyle.

Transforming your TV into the central control hub of your smart home, SmartThings-enabled TVs and AV equipment facilitate effortless management of your other devices and allow you to monitor appliances from the comfort of your couch.

Samsung SmartThings Ecosystem

This means you can oversee laundry progress without leaving your seat. When using Bespoke AI washers and dryers – adjust the thermostat directly from your screen. Or effortlessly close the blinds for a cinematic experience – all thanks to SmartThings.

Samsung’s ecosystem seamlessly integrates with their mobile devices as well. Through the SmartThings app on your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, you can track or locate your SmartTags, Galaxy Buds, and Galaxy Watches. Additionally, you can even peek inside your fridge while you’re out shopping.

Whether you’re using the main living room TV or one of Samsung’s Smart Monitors, SmartThings becomes your reliable companion. Streamlining the organization of your connected devices and automating tasks within your home.

With an array of devices available, SmartThings encompasses features tailored to suit your preferences.

Samsung’s devices synchronize flawlessly with one another. Discover how SmartThings fosters harmony within your smart home, offering convenience, unlocking various features, and enhancing productivity in your household.

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