Samsung at CES 2023 – cool new SmartThings home appliances (kitchen)

Samsung at CES 2023 has a focus on the intelligent kitchen via SmartThings compatible appliances. It has a new Bespoke Infinite Line column design covering a 390L fridge, 412l freezer and wine cellar.

Importantly it is coming to Australia. Column design means the device is 100% fridge, freezer or wine cellar and maximises storage space. With a Greige finish and elegant copper edge frame, premium aluminium, interior and Black Metal back heat exchanger, these are timeless additions to any kitchen.

They feature auto door opening (at a touch), dual-zone temperature control, AutoFill Pitcher, dual auto-ice maker (whiskey ball or cube) and Flex Pantry – an individually temperature-controlled draw. The Wine cellar has three separate climate zones and a UV Protect glass door. SmartThings monitors and manages energy use.

SmartThings for energy efficiency

Samsung showed its Bespoke AI Oven and Bespoke 4 Door Flex with Family Hub+ with SmartThings Cooking.

From helping you find thousands of recipes, many curated to what ingredients you have, to auto-setting your connected appliances to the correct cooking instructions and to help you easily keep track of your shopping list, making the most of the food in your fridge has never been easier.

SmartThings Cooking can also serve as your nutritionist by syncing with Samsung Health and harnessing your Body Mass Index (BMI) and daily activity data to provide customised meal suggestions to help you meet your health goals.

Family Hub+ on the Bespoke 4-Door Flex

A 32” portrait display powered by Samsung Tizen acts as a digital photo frame, whiteboard, Samsung TV Plus channels, and recipes. It pairs with Amazon essentials (not in Australia) for grocery re-orders.

The Bespoke range has expanded to side-by-side and top-mounted fridges.

Bespoke AI Oven

It does everything an oven should, plus it adds

  • Full Steam feature
  • Air Fry
  • Sous Vide
  • Oven Camera utilises intelligent, image-oriented food recognition to optimise oven cook settings (106 different dishes and ingredients [80 dishes and ingredients for U.S. models].
  • Timing and monitoring your dish as it cooks, even providing you with advance burn notifications.
  • Samsung Cooking assistant for easy-to-follow cooking instructions
  • Customisable exterior

Bespoke Australian availability

  • Top Mounted Refrigerator from Q2 2023.
  • New Family Hub software update will roll out in Australia incrementally via Wi-Fi in early 2023.
  • AI Oven mid-2023.
  • Induction Cooktop 2023.
  • Microwave 2023.

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