Eufy Security Cameras and Monitoring Solutions

Eufy introduces an advanced lineup of Eufy security cameras, elevating home protection with enhanced coverage, clearer images, and robust monitoring capabilities.

The latest models boast dual-lens coverage: wide-angle lenses for comprehensive views and telephoto lenses with 3x optical zoom for detailed long-range capture.

Security Cameras for Every Need

The SoloCam S340, powered by solar energy, stands out with AI-assisted pan and tilt. It provides up to 360 degrees of coverage. With its 3K resolution and hassle-free wire-free installation, it’s a perfect fit for outdoor surveillance needs.

Eufy Security Cameras: Solocam S340
Eufy Security Cameras: Indoor Cam S350

For round-the-clock surveillance in high definition, the Security Floodlight Cam E340 delivers 24/7 recording at 3K resolution. Its 360-degree coverage, AI-assisted pan and tilt, and integrated floodlight not only deter intruders but also ensure better video capture, illuminating the area for clear footage.

The Indoor Cam S350 ensures 4K recording and 360-degree AI pan/tilt for complete indoor monitoring. It is designed to keep a watchful eye on your home and pets even while you’re away, ensuring you’re always connected and aware.

The standout Video Doorbell E340 features efficient parcel management, real-time event reporting, vivid color night vision, and versatile lighting functions. It ensures you never miss a delivery, keeps you informed about home activity, provides clear footage even in low light, and adds versatility to your outdoor space.

Eufy’s Homebase S380 serves as the hub for this advanced security setup. Not only does it eliminate monthly subscription fees, but it also provides extensive functionality. This central hub effortlessly connects and manages your Eufy cameras. Additionally, offering local storage of up to 16 TB, robust encryption, and convenient access to your footage.

Eufy Security Cameras: Homebase S380

Eufy’s camera solutions offer an affordable yet comprehensive approach to bolstering home security. And ensuring convenient monitoring while you’re on the move. With their wide array of features, they provide sophisticated security and invaluable peace of mind to homeowners.

Eufy dual-cam security cameras and video doorbells (first look)