eufy dual-cam security cameras and video doorbells (first look)

The eufy dual-cam security cameras and video doorbells employ a unique dual sensor to get the maximum field of vision and great detail. They join the extensive eufy security camera range.

We will review these soon, but the new dual cam range comprises:

Brief eufy Dual-Cam security camera specs

Indoor Cam S350

 This is no ordinary camera. It has 4K, 360° coverage, 75° tilt and 8X Zoom with Human/Pet AI ID and AI Tracking. It has two-way ‘real-talk’.

The dual lenses are interesting. One is 4K (wide-angle primary), and the other is 2K telephoto for 3X Optical and 8X digital zoom. The results are exceptionally clear, colourful and detailed videos. It can see faces up to 10 m away even after dark.

All AI features are onboard, requiring no subscription to use. These also include ‘crying mode’ and ‘patrol’ and ‘quick’ modes that pan and tilt to different areas, reducing the need for multiple indoor cameras.

It can link to 2.4 or 5GHz Wi-Fi or eufy’s HomeBase 3 (S380), which adds up to 16TB of SATA storage to its 128GB microSD local storage and even more no-subscription features like Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.

Eufy dual lens security

Video Doorbell E340

Some video doorbells use 180° fisheye lenses to see head to toe, but the result is distorted and lacks detail.

eufy solved the issue by using a 2K front-facing camera for maximum colour night and day people image quality and a downfacing 1080p camera for parcel ID and package detection for items left at the door. You get two images when notified. Its two-way ‘real talk’ is quite effective.

This can be wired or battery-powered and has 8GB local storage. It can connect to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi or HomeBase 3 (S380).

Eufy dual lens security

External SoloCam S340

Most external cameras need battery recharging, which is often tricky when mounted too high.

SoloCam provides a 360° view with a high-efficiency solar panel to keep it going 24/7 (the panel can be removed and mounted in a sun-friendly position). If you mount this in the right place (not against a wall), you can get full 360° coverage. It is IP65 weather-resistant.

The bright F/1.6 dual lenses provide a 3K 135° FOV and 2K telephoto 8X digital zoom (read number plates at 15m). It has 8GB internal storage and can connect via 2l.4Ghz Wi-Fi or the HomeBase 3 (S380).

It has onboard AI motion tracking, activity zones (reduce false positives), 8m IR night vision, voice control and two-way audio and siren.

Eufy dual lens security

External Floodlight Camera E340

This is the mother of all floodlight cameras with two ‘huge’ 2000-lumen 4000° Kelvin 100,000-hour floodlight panels mounted on a camera like the SoloCam S340 (which draws too much energy for solar power).

Like the other eufy dual-cams, it has AI detection and tracking, up to 8 activity zones, two-way voice and 100dB siren, dual-band Wi-Fi 6, and a HomeBase 3 (S380) connection. It can record 24/7 when hardwired. Local storage is up to 128GB microSD.

HomeBase 3 S380 $349.95

It has 16GB storage and can have up to 16TB of 2.5” SATA storage (not included). The Catch 22 is that the current largest 2.5” SATA3 drive is 4TB ($349 Seagate ST4000LM024). You can also use an M.2280 SATA with an adapter.

It joins most eufy single and dual-cams into a unified interface in the eufy Security App. It connects to the home Wi-Fi network over Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

eufy calls its HomeBase AI ‘BionicMind’ which provides facial/vehicle/pet recognition that filters alerts, self-learning AI that improves accuracy to 99.9%, and auto-categorized security reports. You can also train it for images.

Its greatest advantage is no monthly subscription fees.

eufy Security App

We have not tested this yet. However, we have reviewed the privacy policy, and it only collects information needed for the camera’s efficiency. All information is stored locally. It is benign and safe to accept.

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