CyberShack TV S27:Ep8 – LG V635 Fridge and LG A9T All in-One Tower

LG has added to its incredible range of products for the home; a fridge with amazing new features, and a cordless vacuum that will change the way you clean your house.

The V635 side by side fridge features LG’s InstaView glass door that allows you to see inside by just knocking on the panel twice, as well as a clever easy access compartment that allows you to raid the fridge without letting all the cool air out. Speaking of cooling, LG’s SurroundCooling sends cold air from the front and back of the fridge, maintaining an even temperature throughout.

The ice maker and water dispenser are special too – LG’s craft ice maker produces these beautiful, slow melting round ice balls, freezing them slowly for increased clarity and transparency. The water dispenser includes a UV light to reduce bacteria, automatically sanitising the nozzle for 10 minutes every hour. The V635 can be plumbed into the house, too, so you don’t have to refill ever again.

The new CordZero All-In-One Tower automatically empties the vacuum’s dustbin when it’s placed in the dock to charge. It hygienically transfers the dustbin’s contents into a replaceable dust storage bag through a three-step filtration system that prevents any particles from escaping.

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