LG A9T all-in-one-tower CordZero auto-empty handstick vacuum (cleaning)

We have been fans of the LG A9 handstick vacuum series since its launch in 2018. It just keeps getting better with the release of the LG A9T all-in-one-tower CordZero auto-empty handstick vacuum.

We will be reviewing this in early 2022, so look at this as an announcement. It is pretty well the only handstick that can challenge that English brand!

Not a lot has changed in the handstick section – it is essentially the A9 Kompressor.

  • Normal, Power and Turbo modes
  • Up to 60 minutes per swappable battery (Power 20 minutes and Turbo 6 minutes)
  • Approx 4-hour charge time
  • 5-step filters with most washable
  • Range of power Drive nozzles, power drive mop as well as attachments
  • Hand unit 1.7kg and 2.7kg with power drive nozzle
  • 440ml dustbin with easy empty and washable parts

LG A9T all-in-one-tower CordZero auto-empty handstick vacuum

The LG A9T adds a self-empty stand 1010mm (H), 300mm (D) and 260mm (W). The stand sucks the detritus out of the vacuum into a disposable bag. A 3-stage filtration system cleans the return air.

While self-emptying is the main drawcard, the stand also charges both batteries and holds several accessories. The LG ThinQ app monitors and also has a cleaning history.

Our latest self-emptying handstick vacuum addresses everything Aussies dislike about vacuuming. Whether it be the lacklustre battery life, emptying the dustbin, discreet storage or finding the many accessories for different surfaces

Shannon Tweedie, LG Electronics Australia, Marketing Manager for Home Appliances

There are two models (same basic specs). The A9- Auto in Calming Beige ($1699) and the A9T-Ultra ($1919) in deep grey. The latter has the PowerDrive mop.

LG’s handstick overview page and the APT-Ultra page. Now from retailers like Harvey Norman and LG online. Harvey Norman/Domayne has an introductory offer of $1399/1599 (instore only), making it very good value.

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