Business Cybersecurity Solutions by Harvey Norman

Small business cybersecurity doesn’t have to make a big dent in the books. There are cost-effective solutions that are tailor-made for small businesses that can significantly improve data protection.

The Australian Signals Directorate maintains a Cyber Security Centre that aims to improve cybersecurity for industry, business, and individuals alike. It is done by raising awareness of threats and how to counter them. Its free resources provide a lot of information on how you can improve your business’ security quickly and easily.

The ASD also offers guidance on how to deal with targeted cyber attacks. Such as those from foreign intelligence services, malicious attackers, and destructive threats.

This document provides an extensive assessment of different strategies that can be used to harden your organisation’s security. It’s a great jumping off point to see what types of security you can implement and how effective they are against different attacks.

While it’s not expensive to get a basic solution for cybersecurity, high levels of protection do require investment. It’s best to have your business assessed for its security needs. And also make a decision based on the level of protection required.

It’s important to remember that online security is not a set and forget solution, instead requiring continual maintenance to stay ahead of current and emerging threats.

While high levels of security aren’t free, becoming a target of online threats is sure to be more expensive. Investing in cybersecurity can prevent attacks from happening in the first place, meaning no liability or loss of reputation.

Harvey Norman can become your IT Department with business-oriented solutions to help beef up your security. With threat assessments and a tailor-made package to help keep your business and your customers safe from cyber attacks, there’s nothing left to worry about.

Signing up to one of the plans for a 12-month contract can make you eligible for up to $15,000 in Harvey Norman gift vouchers. See the landing page or scan the QR code (seen on the video) for more information.

Boost Business Data Security with Harvey Norman’s Solutions