Boost Business Data Security with Harvey Norman’s Solutions

Businesses today hold a significant amount of customer data, making them attractive targets for hackers. Business data security is the responsibility of any business that holds it, so a sophisticated cybersecurity solution is necessary.

Cybersecurity is not one foolproof solution, but several layers of protection that work together to protect your business from attack.

Software solutions like antivirus suites help prevent software-based attacks like malware and ransomware from being effective attack vectors.

Improved training to make staff aware of online threats and how to spot and avoid them can stop attacks like phishing and social engineering before they happen.

Expert advice from security professionals can help identify issues and keep your systems as protected as possible.

Most of all, keeping all software up to date can prevent exploit-based attacks that take advantage of outdated software. Alongside this, ensuring any passwords are strong and frequently changed adds invaluable protection from data breaches.

Harvey Norman Technology’s small business solutions can help improve business data security for by implementing a cybersecurity action plan.

Harvey Norman’s security plans are specially designed for small businesses to improve protection and reinforce security where it’s needed most.

Let Harvey Norman take care of your IT needs with tailored solutions to suit your business perfectly.

Signing up to a 12-month contract for one of Harvey Norman’s customer data protection plans makes you eligible for up to $15,000 in Harvey Norman gift vouchers – just check out the landing page for more information.

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